Our Story

My name is Shane, founder and CEO of Lush Puppy, and I am a proud owner of two German shepherds. I am a dog lover, athlete, and travel enthusiast. My passion for dogs developed when I first volunteered at a stray rescue shelter for my university. To see those lovely animals abused, heartbroken, and lost for the first time is one of the most memorable moments of my life. I volunteered to find something to do, but I ended up finding something I love.

As my passion for dogs grew, I decided to get my own best friend. My family searched for reputable dog breeders and we found Maggie. Maggie is the most loyal, sweet, and energetic dog. For the past seven years, Maggie has brought our family a ton of joy and protection. We love her so much, that we bred her, raised her litter and kept one of the puppies, Angela as our second dog. My family could not have been more blessed with these two angels in the house!

I started Lush Puppy for one purpose: To cherish the existence of man’s best friend. In a short span of one year, we have expanded to 200+ countries, and ship our products worldwide. For that, I sincerely appreciate all of your support. We want all dog lovers to spread their love and passion through our products, so we could give back our best friends what they have given us.